An extra €8.2m grant for the ReSolute project

ReSolute’s partner Circa Group AS has been awarded a grant of 8.2 million euro by the French Government to construct the ReSolute plant. This grant is part of the “France Relance” programme, which is a 100 billion euro initiative to restore the French economy based on ecology, competitiveness and cohesion (more information about the programme here, in French).

Tony Duncan, CEO of Circa Group AS, said, “We are continually impressed by France’s commitment to building a more sustainable, more self-sufficient, low-carbon economy. This latest Relance grant is recognition of our progress and vision and provides another layer of support for ReSolute, which Circa has received both directly and indirectly from regional and national organisations, and our community of stakeholders.

The ReSolute plant will be the first of its kind industrial plant to produce the solvent CyreneTM, a non-toxic solvent produced from renewable waste cellulosic biomass, which is a high performing alternative to NMD, DMF and DMAc. The plant will be sited in the French region “Grand-Est”.

Read the press release of Circa Group AS here.