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Will & Co


Will & Co has been a sales and marketing organisation in the chemical industry since 1924. The company acts on behalf of a number of selected suppliers, facilitating distribution, sales, warehousing and promotion of their products throughout Europe. Its experienced team of sales representatives provides active support to producers and clients, offering market information and product development support. 

With over 400 active customers in a great variety of industry segments throughout Europe, they have a broad exposure to the market including those relevant to this project. 

As a distributor, they leverage their existing network and contacts for the introduction of new products. They have strong knowledge about solvents and additives, both from a technical and market point of view, which they can use to identify new application areas and potential customers for Cyrene™ and its derivatives. 

Role in the project:

As part of the ReSolute project, Will & Co will promote Cyrene™ to existing users of NMP, DMF and DMAc in Europe and worldwide and supply samples for lab-scale testing and further development trials.