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Vitis Regulatory Limited


Vitis Regulatory Limited is a scientific consultancy that provides technical and policy support on chemicals. Vitis Regulatory Limited works with chemical manufacturers and importers, downstream users and related manufacturing industries, as well as regulatory authorities and government organisations. They provide scientific and technical support and advice on: the regulatory process for prioritisation and authorisation of substances of concern, the regulatory and political landscape within which scientific information on chemical risks is interpreted, the robustness of regulatory challenges, and compliance with REACH, and EU legislation on biocides and cosmetics.  

Vitis Regulatory Limited Limited works on REACH and other regulatory work but focuses on: 


  • strategic needs within REACH risk management; authorisation, restriction, RMO and evaluation. As experts on chemical hazard, risk and control measures they provide a comprehensive service to identify potential substances of high concern and deliver successful authorisation applications
  • chemicals policy – development of policy and strategy on substances; product stewardship, advantages and drawbacks of proposals. In-depth knowledge of the industry brings with it a solid analysis and understanding of the regulatory framework within which chemicals and products are made and marketed
  • appeals / awareness; the experience and scientific expertise to work on legislative challenges
  • strategy for regulatory compliance

Role in the project:

the framework of the ReSolute project, Vitis Regulatory Limited
will coordinate, build and submit an Annex IX registration
dossier to update the REACH dossier of Cyrene™ from Annex VIII to
Annex IX to comply with the REACH regulation.