In 2023, ReSolute reached several milestones and achievements on the way toward full-scale production of bio-based Cyrene solvent. During the year, ReSolute partners also attended several conferences and events, which were opportunities for them to showcase their work within the project, as well as raising general public awareness on the bio-based and non-toxic solvent and their relevance to tackle with present and future industrial challenges.


Decisive steps were taken towards commissioning of the plant

The most decisive steps in 2023 are related to the plant. The final authorizations related to the construction were granted by the French authorities in November 2023. Circa, the project’s coordinator is planning to operate a first-of-its-kind biorefinery in Carling-Saint-Avold, on an industrial platform in reconversion. An agreement was reached and signed in November with GazelEnergie for the construction of the plant. It represents a decisive step towards its commissioning, expected in mid-2024.


Circa filled patents for two new bio-based solvents

In July 2023, Circa filled patents for two novel solvents derived from biomass, Furatech 1 and Furatech 2. These solvents are tasked with capturing CO2. They are produced on the basis of the platform molecule of ReSolute project, the Levoglucosenome (LGO) which is also the basis of Cyrene, the heart of the project. Trials will be conducted in 2024 in parallel with the plant’s building and commissioning. Their performance in carbon capture seems already promising. The development of such products is of prime importance, as these bio-based solvents are non- or less toxic that those traditionally used. They are produced in a more sustainable way and are much needed for some applications.


ReSolute represented in major events

In 2023, ReSolute partners attended several conferences and summits, contributing to spotlight the project, share its results, exchange expertise on many technical and scientific topics as well as raising awareness on bio-based industry. Among many others, the main events were:

EUBCE – European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

EUBCE that took place from June 5th to 8th, 2023 in Bologna, Italy and brought stakeholders in the fields of industry and academic research together. An oral presentation was given on the project, on the topic “Exploiting lignocellulosic biomasses to develop innovative and more sustainable high-added value biobased products and materials”.

EFIB – European Forum for Biobased industry and the Bioeconomy

This event, which took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands on October 24th and 25th, 2023 is a major forum in the world of the European bioeconomy, bringing together industrial actors, researchers and policymakers through B2B meetings, working sessions and conferences. Chloé Joly, from our partner Bioeconomy For Change represented ReSolute on this occasion.

CBE JU stakeholder forum

The first Stakeholder forum of the CBE JU in Brussels, on December 6-7 was an opportunity to discuss the future of bioeconomy in Europe. More than 500 stakeholders, researchers, policymakers, industrial actors attended the forum. ReSolute and Cyrene were highlighted during this event, which two of our partners attended. James Clark, from the University of York presented the project to the VIP visitors, and Régis Essis from B4C held a stand presenting the project and its results.


What’s next?

In 2024 advancements and achievements of the project will be showcased in several events, to engage with stakeholders as well as the general public. As raising public awareness on the importance of these bio-based solutions is an important aspect of ReSolute. These events also contribute to find market applications and future customers for CyreneTM. Eventually final event will be organized at the end of the project to share its results!